HEFCW TEL Circular 2008

Download the HEFCW Circular of April 2008 “Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Technology: a Strategy for Higher Education in Wales” that sets out the expectation of the Welsh Assembly Government that all Higher Education Institutions in Wales would put in place a 10 year plan to fully embed technology into their learning and teaching strategies:

The above circular developed a set of criteria upon which this and future projects will be judged:

Short term ‘Indicators  of Success’ (2010/2011):

  • Senior management support for the use of technology to enhance the learning and teaching experience is evident
  • Institutional strategies and strategic planning are considered holistically and include the use and application of technology where relevant
  • Institutions are aware of technological developments and outcomes of research which will enhance the experience of their students
  • Increased links with collaborative partners are evident on a range of levels, including with existing and new networks and organisations, to drive the enhancement of learning through use of technology
  • Technology has been used to increase flexibility and accessibility of provision, including for students studying through the Welsh language and the diverse student body

Long term ‘Indicators of Success’ (2016/2017):

  • Use of technology is viewed by staff at all levels and by learners as relevant and beneficial while being integral to the effective operation of the institution
  • Capacity and capability to support and enhance learning and teaching using technology has been re-analysed periodically through benchmarking
  • Increased collaboration has been noted within and between institutions in Wales, the UK and globally, resulting in added value for students and/or institutions, including sharing and promoting good practices and learning resources as appropriate
  • Research is being carried out on technology-enhanced learning, particularly where it supports institutions’ individual missions, including on what comprises an enhanced learning experience and engagement with work-based learners
  • Institutions have built their capacity and capability to a point where they have been able to enhance their delivery of a quality learning experience to students
  • Technology is used to maintain competitiveness and increase the contribution of HE to the knowledge economy
  • Institutions have contributed to interim reviews of the strategy to ensure it takes accounts of new developments
  • Increased efficiencies and other benefits are identified through collaborative activity, and other impact measurement of collaboration, including collective ownership and understanding
  • There is greater understanding of the impact of technology on flexibility and accessible delivery of learning in the context of equality and diversity