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Wave And The Future Of Blogging | Techgeist

Now a full twenty four hours into the Google Wave preview, you have to sit back and wonder how the hell you are going use Wave. For all the bluster, what is actually useful? It’s anyone’s guess, or really any developer’s ability, to guide the product’s future. But, from a blogger’s perspective, Wave opens up seemingly one hundred doors for future and current use. If you do not blog, you might find this post a bit stultifying.

Live Blogging For An Audience:

If you have enough contacts in Wave, you can allow in an audience while you write. TG tried this today, as intrepid reporter Holden Page attempted to write a post on Cliqset live for some of the technorati elite (Scoble et al). He described it as feeling naked. Make a mistake, everyone sees you goof. Not pretty, but I did learn a lot about how other people write. I nearly never delete a whole paragraph. Holden did twelve times. Aside from the human aspect, the live post felt like watching a concert, but with words. For the more straight-shooting blogger, this might become a normal thing to do.

Also, when writing for an audience, they can chime in below and ask questions, clarification, even point out errors. Also, the nice ones could hop in a correct your grammar. If the text move from Wave to WordPress is simple, I will start doing this soon. Other thought: build Wave into WordPress or vice versa. That would solve the movement problems.

Team Posting Collaboration:

At least at TG, we often have more than one person write a post. During the TechCrunch50, Michael and myself burned through 50 writeups together in two days. It was a constant annoyance to have to choose between Google Docs or using WordPress one after the other. Wave solves these problems in one movement.

Versioning of Posts:

If you leave a post in Wave, it is constantly in play. Anyone involved in the Wave can tinker. So, add your whole team to the post on a breaking news article, and anyone can hop in and make the changes as the news comes in. It frees the work from one person. Again, the ability to comment is important. Now, if there was WordPress integration, you could tinker with the Wave, and hit “update” to let it get back online. You could even have a script that tracked the “UPDATE #” in the title as the post was republished.

One Post Per Topic:

If you are tracking major topic, why use multiple posts? Have a single wave, and use each comment section as a post on the topic. You can even imagine that the wave could be copied, and actually be a post on your blog.

Community Interaction Into Breaking News:

You could select the power readers of your blog and give them edit access to posts, bring in the people at the event, and get everyone on the same page at the same time writing the same post heady stuff.

Really, this list could go on forever. You could use Wave to interview someone. You could make it public, and have the other wavers be able to chime in and ask the interviewee questions. Wave is going to change the way that we wok, and interact. What are you using it for?

Still havent got my invite 🙁

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