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Share Folders in Google Docs

Google Docs has a new interface and an important new feature: sharing folders. You can now share folders with your contacts and even make some of your folders public. If you allow anyone to view or edit a folder, Google generates a publicly accessible URL for a page that lists all the files from your folder.”When you share a folder, the new permissions are pushed to all sub-folders and docs within the folder. Normally this happens quickly, but occasionally, it could take a couple of minutes,” explains Google.

Another change is that Google Docs has a Flash uploader that lets you upload multiple files at a time and to place the files in a folder.

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How To Create an RSS Feed Bundle On Google Reader

busily doing a little training video on Google reader at the moment incorporating this feature, which I do think is a pretty cool way to get started in Google Reader. I have created a few bundles of hopefully relevant feeds which my intended audience can subscribe to and share as soon as they create their Google account. Much easier than when I first found GR and didn’t really know what to do with it for months!

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