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Learn to Podcast | Guide to Podcasting Basics from Mission to Learn

Learn to PodcastI’ve noted before that podcasts are among my Top 5 Web Learning Tools, and I also recently highlighted 10 Killer Killer Content Sources for Your iPod Learning Mix, but learning from podcasts is not just about consuming content. In fact, producing content may be an even more effective way to leverage podcasting for learning. To that end, I’ve recently put together a free, brief guide for how to produce and distribute a podcast.

By way of background, the guide is meant to provide details about how a colleague and I are producing and distributing the Radio Free Association podcast, a bi-weekly series we do for professionals in the association world. Because it focuses mostly on the specific approaches we use for that podcast – and a few we may use in the future – it does not cover every possible option (that would be overwhelming and probably unproductive anyway). Nonetheless, it offers a concise set of tools and brief explanations that should be of use to pretty much any individual or organization that wants to get into podcasting or expand their current efforts. Topics covered include:

  • Setting up the Web site for the podcast
  • Creating the RSS Feed
  • Recording the podcast
  • Mixing and editing
  • Hosting the audio files
  • Budgeting for a podcast

Just follow the link below to download the free PDF.

Happy podcasting,