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JISC:Responding to Learners Pack

Responding to Learners Pack : JISC eLearning Programme

Download the PDF version of this pack

This resource pack synthesises the outcomes from the Learner Experiences of e-Learning theme of the JISC e-Learning Programme which funded a total of ten projects from 2005 to 2009, and had the sustained involvement of over 200 learners and more than 3000 survey respondents to explore learners’ perceptions of and participation in technology-enhanced learning in a digital age.

The content of Responding to Learners includes a series of five guides and a set of key messages postcards containing quotes from learners.  The postcards summarise the key findings from this JISC-funded research and can form the basis for staff development activities. The series of guides offer recommendations on how institutions can better respond to learners’ expectations and uses of technology and offers practical guidance on how to embed the learners’ voice more effectively into institutional processes and practice.

‘Learners allowed us into their worlds and showed us what it is like to study in a technology-rich age.’

The 5 guides are written for different roles within the institution and highlight the key issues relevant to these roles.

Guide for
  1. Institutional managers (PDF)
  2. Practitioners (PDF)
  3. Course teams (PDF)
  4. Learning developers and learning support staff (PDF)
  5. Researchers (PDF)

Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) – Information and learning technology guides for Wales

Information and learning technology guides for Wales

21 August 2009

Last month we launched a set of guides to help teachers and managers in Wales use technology to support the learning they and their organisations deliver. The two application guides provide a bridge between the new professional standards for Teachers, Tutors, Trainers and the national occupational standards for leadership and management with further knowledge, application and illustration in the use of technology. Weblinks and other sources of information are included in all sections.

The guides were launched on 1 July 2009 at the Moodle-Wales and Learntech Wales Integration – Learning Together conference. In partnership with the Regional Support Centre Wales we ran a workshop as part of the event, to introduce the guides to delegates and demonstrate how they can be used by individuals and their employers to identify skills and knowledge gaps, and therefore help inform their continuing professional development.

The guides were developed in consultation with those working in lifelong learning in the Wales, and we would like to thank all those who contributed. Lifelong Learning UK worked with a number of partners in the development of the guides including:

  • Welsh Assembly Government (Department of Children, Education, Lifelong learning and Skills)
  • NGfL-Cymru
  • Fforwm
  • Estyn
  • NTFW
  • RSC Wales

We thank them for their participation and support.

Click here to download Application of Using Technology to Support Learning for Teachers, Tutors and Trainers in the Lifelong Learning Sector in Wales.

Click here to download Application Guide for Leaders and Managers to Lead the Effective Use of Technology in the Lifelong Learning Sector in Wales

A separate publication of Good Practice Case Studies has also been developed and will be available soon.

Very timely and useful information for all those of us working in education in Wales.