Trinity Saint David Building Capacity Project :

Description or Abstract

The Trinity Saint David Building Capacity Project (Wales) is a JISC funded project focussing on the greater embedding of technology enhanced learning within the institution under the Building capacity programme which will “enhance the application of JISC outputs and outcomes in the Higher Education Sector. The programme will work with senior change agents in HEIs (Pro Vice-Chancellors or equivalent) to create senior management led change in a number of key strategic concerns that are facing that institution”.

As technology enhanced learning becomes an established part of HE learning and teaching, institutions need a wide awareness of current research for embedding research based practice into institutional development strategies. This project seeks to review JISC research literature and align this with the institutional strategies – establishing processes for engagement and laying foundation markers towards a TEL strategy.


Trinity University College Carmarthen and University of Wales Lampeter merged to form the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (TSD) on 1st September 2010 and the new University’s Strategic Plan indicates that development of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is a key institutional priority. This project, supported by senior management will inform the foundation for the further embedding of  TEL within the University of Wales Trinity Saint David Learning and Teaching Strategy and future engagement with JISC.

Aims and objectives

The broad aim and objective of the project is to raise institutional awareness of JISC / HEA activities and resources, and to establish institutional process models for wide future engagement with JISC / HEA.  A review of JISC / HEA projects and resources will inform and support an institutional TEL needs and latterly, gap analysis to establish engagement models for future research and development.

Project methodology

The project will use a mix of methodologies including a desk-based review of JISC / HEA resources and institutional surveys. Taking the current learning and teaching strategy, we will map specifically identified key institutional TEL areas against the JISC literature and responses from the institutional survey to form a needs analysis. Identified gaps will form the basis for development of processes related to future awareness raising and engagement with JISC at all institutional levels.

Anticipated outputs and outcomes
  • Literature review of JISC resources and alignment with institutional needs for TEL focusing on the learning & teaching strategy
  • Concept reality gap analysis to inform future research & development
  • Raise institutional awareness of JISC resources to support institutional learning and teaching
  • Develop an institutional process for engagement with JISC
  • Identification of areas for future research & development in the TEL area
  • Case studies of good practice in learning & teaching with TEL
  • Dissemination event
  • Final report

Lead Institution

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Project Director

Wendi Xerri (Director of Knowledge and Information) w.xerri@tsd.ac.uk

Project Managers

Julia Ault: j.ault@tsd.ac.uk

Kathryn James: kathryn.james@tsd.ac.uk

Project website

Trinity Saint David Building Capacity Project (Wales) Blog

Start date

June 2010

End date

April 2011

In addition to reporting on the project in depth as it progresses over the coming months, other blog posts and pages will highlight:
  • Conferences, events and activities within the sector related to technology enhanced learning
  • JISC Projects of specific relevance to the needs of the institution
  • Research Projects and Papers published by institution staff and sector colleagues
  • New software and resources that may be of interest to teaching and support staff – free and/or open source whenever possible
  • Developments in social media with reference to how they impact upon education generally and to the university specifically where appropriate