Social Media Guidelines

Many organisations – both in education and business – are developing a social media policy that aims to promote safe and secure online engagement for their members.

Social media or ‘social networking’ as it is sometimes termed, provides a powerful framework for innovation and communication locally, nationally or even globally and can greatly enrich the learning and teaching experiences of staff and students in an educational establishment.
It is not however without its dangers or risks, but the best way to minimise these risks is to educate one’s users in how to use such media responsibly and safely.

The article: The Threats and Benefits of Social Networking in the workplace (taken from Inside Learning Technology) gives a useful perspective on this issue.

The social media policy links on the blog sidebar lead to a range of government and company documents that offer templates and guidelines on how to formulate an acceptable use policy – plus advice and guidelines to help those who are unfamiliar with communicating online and thus minimise the possibilities of users engaging in unwise or unsafe online behaviour.